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Pastor Jeremy Pierce
Please join us in thanking and recognizing our Woodlawn Baptist Veterans
Gene Abbot
Served 4 branches in the military. First served in the Army in 1947, did training at Fort Jackson until they
found out he was too young. Second served in the Air Force, stationed at Biggs Air force Base in El Paso
Texas, as a Medical Technician. Third served in the Navy 1958-1959. Fourth served, three years in the
National Guard, stationed in Norfolk Virginia.
Stancy Cardwell served 1st Army Ranger 1942, 3 years and 3 months main sission, landed on the beach of Normandy (D-Day)
moved in one mile of the city in one day.  Stancy spent 28 months over sea.  Duscharged in 1945 in Fort Bragg, NC as Corporal.
 He held position as Mortar Gunner.  On Oct. 6, 2010 he was selected to go on the Triad Flight of Honor to visit the memoerials
built to honor World War II Veterans in Washington D.C.
Medals received:
Bronze Star Medal: Awarded for bravery acts of merit, meritorious service and fourth-highest combat award of
the U. S. Armed Forces.
Good Conduct Medal: Members who have honorably completed three continuous years of active military service, person's
awarded this medal must have had character and efficiendy ratings of excellent or higher throughout the qualifying period.
American Campaign Medal: Awaded to service members who served the Continental United States for a period of 1 year
between Dec. 7, 1941 and March 2, 1946.
European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal: To recognize military service members who served in European, to
include North Africa, Middle East during the year of the World War II.
Bronze Star Attachment (Double) Medal: Awaded for holding Colonel Rank who personally fough in Active Ground Combat.
Honorable Service Lapel Button WWII: An honorable discharge pin given to soldiers honorably discharged.
Expert Badge & Rifle Bar: Presented for completion of a course of testing designed to demonstrate proficiency in infantry skills.
Sharp Shooter Badge & Pistol Bar: (45 Pistols and 30/30 Rifle)
Issued to service members who pass a weapons qualification course and achieves an above-average score.
Jimmy Casselbury
Served 1980-1982 in Navy, Squadron Intelligence Office, stationed in Little Creek Virginia.
Did training in Gautama Bay, and Port Rico.
Discharged as an E3.
Donnie Cruthis
Served 1951-1953 in Army, trained at Fort Bellvor Virginia. Served 14 months in Korea,
in Ordinance Ammunition Company, as Acting Sergeant, and Corporal. Metals
awarded, Korean Service Medal with 3 Bronze Service Stars and United Nations Service
Medal. Married while in military. Discharged on March 14th 1953, Ft. Jackson S.C.
Terry Ellis
Served 1963-1966 in Army, went in at age 20, trained at Fort Jackson,
in the Personnel / Finance Department. Married, while in service in
1964. Discharged, ranked as E-4
Danny Smith
Served U.S. 1st Marines, 1966-1968, trained at Paris Island, Pana-mal, Camp Lejuine,
Camp Ginger, Served 1 year in Viet Nam. Medal: Sharp Shooter (M-14 rifle). Discharge
Ranked Corporal.
John Taylor
Served U.S. Army, 1967-1974, trained at Ft. Bragg NC, Ft. Lee Va., Ft. Livingwood, Miss,
Served 1967 in Okinawa, 1970-1971 in Viet
Nam, sharp shooter, discharge rank E4.